DRUMSet Your neighbors will love you


Your neighbors will love you

Complete set for insulating your drum kit

  • Coordinated set of heavy foam panels (HEAVY Duty) for decoupling the drums from the floor and wall/ceiling absorbers (MAYA trapezoid or WAVER bump) for steaming
  • Can be selected in three different versions (Basic, Comfort, Premium)
  • Quick and easy installation of the elements (STICKY or in upFRAME)
  • Better sound and less noise in rehearsal rooms and music rooms

In 3 simple steps to your perfect acoustics:

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Basic Comfort Premium
anthracite steel grey raspberry red orange
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aixFOAM DRUMSet - for decoupling and insulation

  • Coordinated set in different finishes to insulate your drums
  • Heavy foam for decoupling from the floor, wall/ ceiling absorber for noise damping
  • Easy and fast assembly
aixFOAM Drum kit insulation set

Product data

Format/ surface
HEAVY Duty: Rectangular panel with flat surface, 100 cm x 50 cm

WAVER: Rectangular panel with pimpled profile, 100 cm x 50 cm

MAYA: Rectangular panel with trapezoidal profile, 100 cm x 50 cm

WAVER/ MAYA: Open-cell PUR acoustic foam

HEAVY Duty: multi-coloured mottled

HEAVY Duty: multi-coloured mottled

WAVER Basic Set: Anthracite

MAYA Comfort - & Premium Set: Anthracite, steel grey, raspberry red, orange

Fire classes


The fire classes of the aixFOAM absorbers do not only refer to the material, but always include the products including the mounting options offered by us, such as our STICKY self-adhesive kit.

More information about the fire classes of our sound absorbers is available the relevant aixFOAM knowledge article.

Fastening options
Basic & Comfort set: STICKY (Makes your aixFOAM self-adhesive)

Premium set: HEAVY Duty with STICKY (Makes your aixFOAM self-adhesive), MAYA in upFRAME (The frame for your absorber) with GoodVibes (Vibration dowel for decoupled wall or ceiling mounting)

Assembly recommendation
In order to decouple the drumset from the floor, the heavy foam panels should be laid out on the floor and covered with a stable wooden plate, so that a small platform for the drumset is created. The platform should not come into contact with the walls.
- 40 °C to + 100 °C
Harmful substance information
Mineral fibre free
This high quality acoustic product is made on our precision machinery according to DIN 7715 Part 5 P3.

More information about this product is available, if required, in the accompanying datasheet. We are happy to provide you with this upon request.

Absorption values

The measurements of the absorption coefficient were performed on PUR-ES acoustic foams from RWTH Aachen. All values refer to absorbers with a size of 100 cm x 50 cm and were calculated according to DIN 52212.

Absorption values for HEAVY Duty heavy foam panels, WAVER nubbed foam and MAYA trapezoidal absorber

5 cm
4 cm
6,5 cm
125 Hz 0,36 0,11 0,11
250 Hz 0,98 0,32 0,49
500 Hz 1,15 0,63 0,91
1000 Hz 1,01 0,90 0,97
2000 Hz 1,03 0,91 0,92
4000 Hz 0,87 0,95 0,88
Sound absorber/ sound insulation in the reverberation chamber when determining the absorption values
Our aixFOAM sound absorbers have been tested for Hertz and pores in the reverberation chamber of renowned institutions such as RWTH University or the Technical University in Aachen. The sound absorption coefficients according to DIN 52212 stated above were calculated in extensive measurements.

Profit from sound insulation directly from the manufacturer!

At aixFOAM we make sound insulation for applications in room acoustics and technical acoustics. And because we do this particularly well, we have been doing it for 65 years. Over this time we have been constantly working on the further development of our products and therefore are able to offer you highly effective sound absorbers in a modern design.

Our aixFOAM philosophy: We combine customer-oriented advice with the individual, needs-based production of sound insulation solutions. Or in other words: We help you with free advice to find the ideal sound insulation for your project and start to make your absorbers directly after receiving your order. You then receive your sound insulation directly from the factory – naturally in the best quality.

  • Use of high quality acoustic foams from Germany
  • Precision manufacturing on the latest CNC cutting machines and systems
  • Standard solutions or individual small and series manufacturing of noise insulation
  • Advice, planning, production and brokering of assembly partners
An aixFOAM employee manufactures sound absorbers for sound insulation.
Brand quality
from the manufacturer
"Made in Germany"
for you, individually
in a few days
for 65 years
soundproofing experts
ISO 9001:2015 certified
Areas of application
The aixFOAM acoustic experts advise you on the subject of sound insulation free of charge.

‘Unlike other instruments, a drum kit requires special attention during soundproofing. Our aixFOAM DRUMSets are ideal for effectively decoupling drums from the floor and attenuating noise, reducing sound transmission to adjacent rooms. You’ll have no trouble with the neighbours.’

Thomas Stollenwerk, customer advisor

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