Better acoustics for professionals on instrument and mixer

aixFOAM products for sound studio and rehearsal room
Perfect recording studio acoustics with sound absorber SH003
Sound studio sound insulation with pyramid absorbers SH003
Sound absorbers with pyramid profile reduce noise and improve the sound in the sound studio.
SH004 sound absorber on the ceiling in a recording studio
Soundproofing in the recording studio
Sound absorber SH004 on wall and ceiling in sound studio
Sound absorber SH004 in a hanging cassette on the ceiling of the recording studio
Square sound absorbers SH004 in a hanging cassette improve the acoustics in the recording studio.
SH004 square sound absorber
Sound absorbers in noble mounting cassettes made of anodised aluminum can be mounted on the wall and ceiling in the recording studio or rehearsal room in a particularly easy and flexible manner.
Sound absorber mounted in mounting cassette with vibration dowels to the wall
Mounting cassette with vibration dowels
Sound insulation on the ceiling in the recording studio with SH004
SH004 sound absorbers in an aluminum cassette can easily be fixed to the ceiling with vibration dowels.
perfect rehearsal room acoustics with sound absorber SH002
Bass absorber SH012 and nubbed foam SH002 optimize the sound in the rehearsal room.
The combination of low-frequency absorbers in the corners of the rehearsal room and broadband absorbers on the walls guarantees perfect acoustics in the rehearsal room.