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  • Ceiling absorbers, acoustic sails, sound insulation panels for suspended or grid ceilings - aixFOAM sound absorbers for every ceiling
  • Improved acoustics and more ambience, even in open rooms
  • Reduced noise transmission through the ceiling
  • Less reverberation and sound reflections from hard materials
  • Modern and aesthetic designs in various colours and shapes
  • Clever mounting solutions: Self-adhesive ceiling absorbers or suspension/cable system solutions
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“Our self-adhesive ceiling sets are highly effective and easy to mount. My absolute top recommendation for modern rooms with high demands on sound and fire protection!”

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Acoustic ceiling - sound insulation elements

Here you will find a selection of our high-quality noise protection elements - specifically designed for acoustic ceilings

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Our acoustic elements can be easily installed into standard suspended ceilings.

You can glue our acoustic panels to the ceiling or simply suspend them from the ceiling using our special acoustic frame.Learn more about our mounting options. (German).

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How can aixFOAM help?

aixFOAM offers you highly effective acoustic absorbers with which you can upgrade ceilings in terms of sound and design. If you cannot find your specific requirement, please contact us. As a manufacturer, we will be happy to offer you your customised solution without obligation.

Upgrading existing suspended ceilings with acoustic absorbers

aixFOAM Akustikdecke Abhangdeckenelement ROOFER / ROOFER Maya
Acoustic ceilings are not only a widespread solution in industry, they are also frequently used in the private sector and public facilities. With very little mounting effort, an existing suspended ceiling can be converted into a highly efficient acoustic ceiling. Since sound does not only spreads disturbingly within rooms but also between them, it is particularly advisable in houses where different groups of residents come together to provide the ceiling with soundproofing in order to meet the individual requirements of each party.

Improving the quality of life with sound insulated ceilings in living rooms

The main purpose of an acoustic ceiling in a flat is to insulate the noise in rooms and thus greatly reduce disturbing reverberation. In order to interrupt the transmission path of sound and minimise reflections, it makes sense to soundproof the ceiling as a first step.

In old buildings, where other sound insulation options such as “floating screed” are hardly feasible, it is possible, for example, to improve the soundproofing by suspending the ceiling. For this purpose, aixFOAM acoustic elements can be installed into standard suspended ceilings instead of the usual gypsum boards. It is also possible to line only parts of the ceiling with acoustic panels in order to optimise the ceiling’s noise protection.

Alternatively, aixFOAM offers a range of different acoustic elements for the ceiling, which can be glued directly to the ceiling or simply suspended using a frame system. To reduce the reverberation time using an acoustic ceiling, square sound absorbers with bevelled edges are used in particular. Sound absorbers with a smooth surface are best suited for installation with a shadow gap.

Installing a sound insulation ceiling in the office

In offices, which tend to have long reverberation times not only because of their often sound-reflecting interiors, but because of high noise levels due to the many different noise sources, an acoustic ceiling can also be retrofitted. Ceiling sails, which are available in a wide range of colours, are ideal for soundproofing. The sound insulation elements for the office ceiling, covered with acoustic textile fabric, have a similar effect to suspended acoustic ceilings or glued-on acoustic ceiling tiles. The design of the noise protection ceiling sails can be varied so that the acoustic elements for the office ceiling can be easily adapted to the respective room ambience.

Acoustic ceiling for nursery and school

Shouting, screaming, jumping, running, singing, using playground equipment - there are a large number of different sound sources in facilities for children, which can make it necessary to install acoustic ceiling panels in nurseries and schools or to install an acoustic ceiling in the sports hall. In addition, there are noises from heating and ventilation systems, sanitary facilities, the backs of chairs and tables, and slamming cupboard and room doors. Traffic noise and noise from construction work or lawn mowers also intrude from outside. All this adds up to a considerable volume that is often perceived as a burden by those affected and makes it necessary to install an absorber on the ceiling for soundproofing.

In the nursery, for example, the acoustics can be significantly improved with ceiling sails. There are almost no limits to the creative design possibilities in terms of the colour and variety of effects. In addition, the covering can be printed with child-friendly motifs and is thus guaranteed to please even the youngest children.

Noise protection ceiling tiles ensure quiet and a pleasant learning environment even in the noisiest classroom. To retrofit an acoustic ceiling in a school, it is recommended to install a standard suspended ceiling combined with aixFOAM acoustic elements due to the usually higher room heights. It is also possible to install aixFOAM acoustic elements with the help of mounting suspension cassettes, which can be suspended from the ceiling with a wire rope design and placed very close to the sound source.

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