Acoustic ceiling tiles - equip an existing suspended ceiling with acoustic insulation and sound absorbers!

Suspended ceilings are not only popular solutions as acoustic ceilings in the industry sector; they are often used in the private sector or in public facilities. An existing suspended ceiling can be re-designed as highly efficient acoustic ceiling tiles, and inexpensively assembled. Since disturbing sounds spread not only within single rooms, but also between them, equipping the office ceiling with acoustic insulation is particularly recommended in houses in which different groups of residents meet, to respect their privacy.

Improve the quality of apartment life with a soundproof ceiling

Ceiling soundproofing in a flat primarily serves to quiet the noise in rooms, thereby shortening disturbing echoes. Improving the ceiling insulation acoustics with ceiling absorber panels for example is a prudent first step in interrupting the sound's transmission path and minimizing echoes.

In old buildings, in which soundproofing possibilities like floating floor screeds are hardly realizable, a suspended ceiling is a good way to provide additional ceiling and acoustic insulation. For this, aixFOAM acoustic elements can be inserted into standard commercial suspended ceilings instead of the usual gypsum plasterboards. You may also replace only partial areas, using acoustic panels, to optimise the ceiling soundproofing.

aixFOAM also makes a series of different ceiling acoustic elements, which you can bond directly to the ceiling. Square sound absorbers with bevelled edges are used to reduce reverberation times via acoustic ceiling tiles. Sound absorbers with smooth surfaces are best suited for installation with a shadow gap.

Installing office ceiling acoustic insulation

An acoustic ceiling can also be added to office rooms, which tend to have not only long reverberation times due to their often sound-reflecting interiors, but also high noise levels due to their many different sources of noise. Ceiling sails, which are available in a wide variety of colours, work well here as acoustic insulation. The acoustic element office ceiling, covered with acoustic textile material, has a similar effect as suspended acoustic ceilings or bonded ceiling acoustic panels. The soundproof ceiling sail acoustic has a variable design, so that the acoustic elements for the office ceiling can be easily adjusted to the respective room ambience.

Acoustic ceilings and reverberation time in kindergartens and schools

Shouting, crying, jumping, running, singing, handling toys–children's facilities contain many different sound sources, which can necessitate attaching ceiling acoustic panels or an acoustic ceiling in kindergartens and schools or installing an acoustic ceiling in gymnasiums. Nowadays many sports halls are fitted with acoustic ceilings. There are also noises from heating and ventilation systems, sanitation facilities, the backs of tables and chairs, as well as cabinet and room doors being closed. There is also noise from traffic, construction work, or lawnmowers. All of this results in a substantial sound level, which frequently bothers those exposed to it, making an absorber on the ceiling necessary for sound insulation.

In a kindergarten, for example, an acoustic ceiling can be retrofitted with ceiling sails or the ceiling can be used for soundproofing panels. The creative design possibilities regarding variety of colour and effect are practically limitless. Moreover, the covering can be printed with child-friendly designs guaranteed to delight toddlers as well.

Noise protection ceiling panels ensure peace, quiet, and a pleasant learning environment even in the loudest of classrooms. In order to retrofit an acoustic ceiling in schools, we recommend installing a standard suspended ceiling or a supplementary acoustic ceiling combined with aixFOAM acoustic elements, since schoolrooms are typically higher. Hanging installation cartridges can also be suspended from a room's ceiling with tension cables and brought near the sound source.

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